Download full press release here: Wine Acuity App Launched

Wine Acuity, the organizers of the Wine Tasting US Open blind wine tasting championship, announces the launch of their mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The Wine Acuity app brings the spirit of competition to the home user, and helps them identify, document and share their favorite wines. The four different game levels make it perfect for everyone from first-time tasters to wine experts. The Wine Acuity app allows users to build their knowledge and confidence as they progress at their own pace. No other blind wine tasting app supports you from beginner to champion.

The Wine Acuity app is a great tool for professionals. From wine students to the most seasoned Somm can use the app to hone their skills to see how they would do in world class blind wine tasting competitions. Wine stores, wineries, wine bars, hotels and other venues can use the app to organize tasting events. The app not only provides a perfect way to hold fun and competitive wine tastings, but it also a way to expose these wine events to dedicated wine enthusiasts. Event organizers simply enter their upcoming tastings and users see what events are happening in their area.

A unique feature of the app is it allows users to evaluate themselves and prepare for the annual Wine Tasting US Open, which is held in July. The top four contestants become Team USA, which competes in the annual World Wine Tasting Competition in France. The Champion Level replicates the US Open where tasters are scored on varietal, vintage, country, region and producer of each wine. The US Open is the only gateway into the World Wine Tasting Competition and the Wine Acuity app is the only wine tasting app approved by the Wine Tasting US Open.

Features of the app include:

  • A great way to host blind wine tasting games: interact, share and challenge yourself and your friends using smart devices to score and record your wines. Multiple game levels let everyone join the fun.
  • Create a personal wine favorites list: The app keeps track of your wines, both old favorites and those you discover while playing, stores a handy wine list that’s with you whenever you need it.
  • Raises your level of wine knowledge: The app is a fun tool to learn about wine varietals, regions, and producers and maintains all game history so you can monitor your personal progress.
  • The easiest way to host a blind wine tasting event: Simply download the app, create your wine list, select the game level, invite friends and begin having fun.

John Vilja, CEO and creator of Wine Acuity, said “blind wine tasting can be intimidating for most people, even many professionals. However, with some education, a basic understanding of main varietals, and practice, anyone can become a champion. Of course, the main goal with any wine tasting is to have fun. The Wine Acuity app is a perfect blend of education and fun.”

Download the app for iOS and Android devices in the Apple or Google stores for the introductory low price of $.99.