Wine Tasting U.S Open


A blind wine tasting tournament

like no other.

Due to COVID-19 the 2021 Wine Tasting US Open was cancelled. The World Wine Tasting Championship in France is still presently scheduled to occur in October 2021. Should travel to Europe be allowed in October, TEAM USA will be represented by past winners of the Wine Tasting US Open, as well as team members from TEAM USA who finished in Third Place at the World Wine Tasting Championship in 2016.

The US Open will resume as usual in 2022. As with previous years, you do not need to be a member of any wine club or society. YOU are eligible to compete against the nation’s best. The Wine Tasting US Open is a blind tasting competition where you are scored on your ability to correctly determine the main grape varietal, country of origin, wine region of origin, vintage, and producer of wines from around the world.

Individuals or teams of two may compete in this tournament for the chance to win a trip to France. The top two scoring entrants (teams or individuals) become TEAM USA. These winners are invited to represent the US at the World Wine Tasting Championships held in France where they will compete against national teams from over twenty countries. Airfare and accommodations for Team USA will be provided.

Taste along with the competitors to test your wine knowledge and witness the tournament from the sidelines as an observer.

Click here for rules and scoring.

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