Drink wine like a champion!

The WINE ACUITY app is a collection of fun and educational games for wine professionals, wine enthusiasts, or first-time wine tasters.


This is the easiest way to host a blind wine tasting party! Simply add your wines into the app, give your friends the game code, and start drinking. It’s that easy!

This app features four fun and educational game levels, which allows players to progress at their own pace and see how they compare to those who compete in the Wine Tasting US Open Championship.

It’s a unique way to learn about wine varietals, regions, and producers, and is the only wine app that is endorsed by the Wine Tasting US Open.

Special features:

  • Four different game levels:

Explorer Level – A fun rating game that allows you to identify wines you like and determine the group favorite

Enthusiast Level – A blind wine tasting matching game that helps you learn to differentiate between wines

Connoisseur level – A blind wine tasting multiple choice game that challenges you to identify the specific features of each wine

Competition level – The most challenging blind wine tasting game comparable to the Wine Tasting US Open Competition

  • Easily create a list of your favorite wines so you always have your wine list handy
  • Share your scores with friends on Facebook and challenge them to compete!
  • Learn about wines and build your wine confidence
  • Automatically tallies scores or rankings and keeps game history so you can see how you are progressing
  • Endless fun for all!

Ideal for:

Home Parties – Select some wines, gather friends, download the app and have fun! You will have the best wine tasting party!

Save your favorites so you always have a list of the wines you love. Also a great way to keep track of your friend’s favorites, so you serve exactly what they love at your next party, or give them a gift you know they will appreciate.

Wine shops, bars, hotels or other venues –  Hosting blind wine tasting events is a great way to promote your facility, sell through your diverse wine inventory, and provide income during non-peak times. Sign up as a commercial user and add your events into the app so thousands of wine enthusiasts will see what you have coming up. Not interested in blind wine tasting events? That’s ok, the app has a rating game that doesn’t require blind tasting, but will give you an idea of your customers favorite wines. Plus, your customers will be able to add your wines to their favorite list for future purchases.

Wineries – Provide a fun and educational experience for your customers by offering them a fun wine rating game, or a more challenging blind wine tasting event. As your guests taste, they can easily keep track of their favorite wines for future purchases. Add events into the app so your guests will always know what you have coming up. Additional advertising opportunities are available. Contact us for more details.

Corporate Events – Tired of the same boring team building events? Hold blind wine tasting events to create a fun and unique team building exercise. Offer tastings at an individual level or group employees in teams for a truly unique experience. Your employees will learn about wine while building the team skills you desire. Please contact us for further details.

Sommeliers – Use the app to hone your skills, or host blind wine tasting events and build your client list. The opportunities are endless. Please contact us for more details.

Thank you for downloading the Wine Acuity app. This is an initial release of the app and we welcome your feedback.

Always drink responsibly!

Download the Wine Acuity app here: