About Wine Acuity

Competing in the 2016 World Wine Tasting Championship as TEAM USA,

Competing in the 2016 World Wine Tasting competition as TEAM USA, inspired us to bring this type of exciting blind wine tasting home to the United States. Wine Acuity, LLC was formed in 2018 to organize and manage the U.S. Open Wine Tasting Championship and to determine the members of TEAM USA to compete in the World Wine Tasting Championships. The Wine Tasting US Open competitions are held each year in July / August timeframe. Click on the World Wine Tasting Championship tab for more information and to see how TEAM USA did in 2018.

Our mission didn’t stop there. At home, we continued wine tasting with friends, and we wanted to share with them the unique thrill and experience we felt while competing in France. We found that many of our friends were intimidated by wines, especially when it came to blind wine tasting. We aren’t wine experts and have never been formally trained on wine, but we share a passion for wine and spending time with friends. We wanted to create a game that would allow us to compete (in a friendly manner) with our friends, while learning more and more about wine. That is how the Wine Acuity app (for iOS and Android) was first created. We developed a fun and exciting way to educate ourselves and our friends on wine, while still experiencing the thrill of competition.

Unsure if the app is for you or at a level you feel comfortable with? Not to worry! The Wine Acuity app features four different game levels that allows you to progress at your own pace. Plus, you will be able to see how you compare to those who compete in the Wine Tasting US Open Championship. The app provides a unique way to learn about wine varietals, regions, and producers, and is the only wine app that is endorsed by the Wine Tasting US Open.

This is the easiest way to host a blind wine tasting party! Simply add your wines into the app, give your friends the game code, and start drinking. It’s that easy!

Special features of the app include:

  • Four different game levels:
    • Explorer Level – A fun rating game that allows you to identify wines you like and determine the group favorite
    • Enthusiast Level – A blind wine tasting matching game that helps you learn to differentiate between wines
    • Connoisseur level – A blind wine tasting multiple choice game that challenges you to identify the specific features of each wine
    • Competition level – The most challenging blind wine tasting game comparable to the Wine Tasting US Open Competition
  • Easily create a list of your favorite wines so you always have your wine list handy
  • Share your scores with friends on Facebook and challenge them to compete!
  • Learn about wines and build your wine confidence
  • Automatically tallies scores or rankings and keeps game history so you can see how you are progressing
  • Endless fun for all!

Also ideal for Sommeliers and Wine Shops/Bars. This is a perfect way to reach wine enthusiasts across the country, or in your specific area. Sign up in the app to make people aware of your upcoming tasting events.

The Wine Tasting US Open Competition is the only way to become a part of TEAM USA and compete in the World Wine Tasting Championship held in France each year. For more information on the competition, please refer to that tab in the app or click here.

Download the Wine Acuity app here: